Instrumentation: Electronic (quadraphonic)

Duration: a.c. 9:50 minutes

Year of composition: 2017

Premiere: Katarina Gurska Higher Music Center (Madrid)

Enrique Busto (Electronics)

Program notes:

This piece is inspired by a passage from the play “Bodas de Sangre” by Federico García Lorca. Specifically, it corresponds to the principle of the third act, table one. In this passage Federico, without narrating it directly, heralds the tragic death of two of the main characters in this play: the Bridegroom and Leonardo; through a poem entitled “Luna“.

To carry out the work, synthesis materials created with SuperCollider were used (granular synthesis, additive synthesis, routines, filter banks, panning …), as well as specific sounds from various sources and fragments in which I have applied granular synthesis of my piece. “Memoria de la Sangre” for Guitar and Clarinet.

One of the premises at the time of the presentation of the piece was to combine in an acousmatic work the world of concrete music and that of synthesis, passing between both extremes through the synthetic treatment of various specific sound sources as well as audio files from acoustic instruments, for all this to form an organic piece in which the materials are of different natures but are treated from a compositional point of view, seeking a musical discourse and dramaturgy.