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Enrique Busto


Next Tuesday, June 21 at 8:00 p.m. at the “Manuel Castillo” Superior Conservatory of Music in Seville, I will have the pleasure of directing an orchestra that has been organized with students from the Conservatory to perform an audiovisual music concert where pieces composed by the Composition for Audiovisual Media students will be premiered, as well as like other soundtracks studied during the course. It is, without a doubt, a finishing touch to close this intense academic year that we have had.


– The Avengers (Alan Silvestri)
– Life (Pablo Martinez Recio) *
– Star Wars Suite (John Williams)
I. Main Title
II. Yoda´s Theme
– President´s Scene (Francisco Javier Hidalgo Zamora) *
– Intro Psycho (Enrique Naranjo Vera) *
– The Godfather: Love Theme (Nino Rota)
– Reverence Suite (Daniel Parejo) *
– Intro Forrest Gump (Joaquin Lorenzo Gomez) *
– Forrest Gump Suite (Alan Silvestri)
– Recipes (Joaquin Lorenzo Gomez) *
– Schindler’s List: Remembrances (John Williams)
– E.T.: Flying Theme (John Williams)

* Absolute premiere

Next Tuesday March 22 will be the premiere of my last piece L’oracolo di Melqart in Livorno (Italy). It is an acousmatic work for 24 loudspeakers, inspired by the Phoenician god Melqart whose temple, according to legend, was located on the islet of Sancti Petri, near where I live. It will premiere in the beautiful Cesare Chiti auditorium, thanks to the proposal of Alberto Carretero and Fabio De Sanctis DB.

On November 12 at the Almirante Palace (Granada) ITACA will be performed for Baritone / Alto Saxophone and Electronic by Elisa Urrestarazu