Instrumentation: Bass Clarinet in Bb, Violin and Piano

Duration: a.c. 4:40 minutes

Year of composition: 2007

Premiere: January 19, 2008. Chamber Hall of the National Music Auditorium (Madrid)

Trio “Dahmar”

Comments: There is a version for Violin, Cello and Piano, performed for the recording of the album “Encuentros” commissioned by the Trio “Dahmar”

“It is important to remember those unforgettable and necessary moments, to feel that our passage through life has not been in vain. There are times when we need to be alone and let evocations and nostalgies just spread through the air ”.

Catherine Zenter


This work is inspired by a text by the Argentine poet Catalina Zenter, in which she, she tells us about memory and silence, necessary to remember. This is the same as the composer, who needs these two elements to compose.

Silence, in this piece, is present with two meanings: absolute silence, and silence as resonance. It will be very important for the structure, as it will separate different musical ideas. In the end, only the memory will be what remains in our memory.