Instrumentation: Electronics (24 Loudspeakers)

Duration: c.a. 7:50 minutes

Year of composition: 2022

Premiere: Auditorium Cesare Chiti (Livorno, ITALY), March 22, 2022

Program Notes:

This piece is inspired by Melqart, god of the Phoenician people. Near my house there is a small island, Sancti Petri, with an ancient temple where, according to legend, the temple of Melqrat was.

The ancient world has always been a source of inspiration for me. Understanding the meaning that music had for them, between the ritual, the magical, the religious, is a world full of energy that interests me.

This is not a descriptive piece, it is a trip to the past that we live in the present and that presages the future. Using synthesis techniques and different processes such as filters, additive synthesis, granular, crossfade texture, … we can create organic music in constant motion.

Finally, the immersive aspect is a feature of my latest pieces, not only the electronic ones, which interests me a lot. Making the listener an active part of the construction of the sound discourse is one of my concerns, so having 24 loudspeakers in that wonderful room where it premiered was a great creative stimulus for me.