Instrumentation: Accordion, Electronics and Sound Objects

Duration: a.c. 6 minutes

Year of composition: 2017

Premiere: January 27, 2018. Katarina Gurska (Madrid)

Nikola Tanaskovic (Accordion)

Enrique Busto (Electronic)

Program notes:

Hologram was born as the Final Project of the Master in Electroacoustic Composition at the Katarina Gurska School of Music in Madrid, with professors Alberto Bernal and Sergio Luque.

The initial idea is to create with the accordion, the sound objects (percussion instruments excited with contact loudspeakers) and the electronics, a sound hologram, in which the public can immerse themselves in the music.

The Electronics has worked mainly with Max / MSP for spatialization and staging, SuperCollider for the creation of synthesis and previously recorded sounds of the Accordion edited in Ableton Live.


One of the most innovative aspects that arouses the greatest interest in this work is to unite different sound manifestations in a work, such as sound installations and acoustic concerts, with electronic music. For this we will use electronics as a connection between these two worlds, creating music in which the viewer is an active part of the work, creating new ways of listening and providing a new dimension to the concert format.